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I was blessed to be born and raised in a small suburb of beautiful Santa Barbara, California. When I was 10,  my family and I moved to Chile. It was there I first experienced the world and its beauty from another culture’s perspective. After that profound evolution in my way of thinking, I was given the opportunity to travel all around the world and experience its beauty from extraordinary outlooks. This is what inspires me. Seeing creation and its multitude of colors and light and shapes gives me my artistic vision. As a result of the countries and cultures I have visited, doors have been opened to understand the world from unique angles. This influences how I see the world around me today and is reflected in the evolution of my work.

I recently graduated from Ithaca College’s Department of Theatre Arts cum laude with a focus in scenic art and a minor in fine arts and am highly recognized in the department for my exceptional talent and ability. My favorite techniques are faux and trompe l’ioel and I have significant strength in those areas.  I have enjoyed working for theater companies on the west and east coast including: The Heritage Theatre Company in Charlottesville, VA, The Kitchen Theatre in Ithaca, NY and Kingsmen Shakespeare Co., in Thousand Oaks, CA.